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Innovative, cost-effective payment processing

We offer simple, secure and innovative payment solutions that will help you to operate more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction, and strengthen your business for generations to come.

Payment Solutions

Accept Payments Online, In-Person, or On the Go


Point of Sale Solutions

Do you need a tailored payment solution for your restaurant or retail business? We offer multiple point of sale options to help you streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience.

Online Payments

Take advantage of the flexibility to accept payments online! Our payment gateway solutions offer a powerful, secure virtual terminal along with seamless integration to online stores. Plus, advanced features are available to help you manage your business.

Mobile Processing

If you’re conducting business on the go, don’t have a typical storefront, or lack the space for a credit card machine, a mobile processing solution could be the answer!

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Our Services

Transparent Credit Card Processing Rates

Cash Discounting (EDGE)

Are you interested in spending $0 on payment processing fees? Excellent, you can now pass on the expense to the client with what’s known as dual pricing. It’s also referred to as cash discounting. Our POS and credit card terminals fully support it.

Interchange Plus / Subscription Model

Are you already processing credit cards and paying Interchange plus or a subscription fee? Fantastic, we can match that as well. Whatever it takes to earn your business.

Custom-Built Pricing

Our payment professionals can build a customized rate for you based on your business, volume, and average ticket size.

Fast Funding

Next day funding is available for no additional charge for all merchants on EPX. Same day funding and instant funding are also available.

Data Management

Maximun Security Protection

Point-to-Point Encryption

Our network encrypts all credit card data with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). It’s the strongest and most secure technology available.


Our network safeguards all transactions with advance tokenization by masking credit card data with random, senseless data.

EMV & NFC Technolog

We assist you in preventing as many fraudulent transactions as possible by selling the most up-to-date hardware, such as EMV & NFC contactless payment devices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Expert Guidance

With the BlueConnect , you can significantly reduce your credit card fees and still offer your customers a seamless experience no matter how they shop with your business.

Integrations Developed with You in Mind

We partner with reputable companies to bring you the best solution possible. Whether you need a website, online shopping cart, payment gateway, or other custom application, you can trust that EMS has the resources to build a tailored solution that lasts.

Let’s find the right solution for your business.

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